Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Power Of YOU

I recently spoke at a seminar for Executives In Transition. It was a fantastic event put on by an outstanding Executive Coach (and competitive triathlete) Bobbi LaPorte. Part of my personal and professional philosophy is to assist executives (and others) with streamlining their path to their next great career move or job. Lord knows I made a few career turns down this road and if in sharing some of my experiences with people can be of benefit to them...awesome. This was a group of highly focused, energized executives who are taking all of the right steps toward the goal of finding their next great position.

Whenever I have an opportunity to speak one on one or to a group about carrier transitions I always recommend Bob Beaudine's "The Power Of Who". Bob is a fellow executive search professional who has written a compelling book about how networking must be as important to us as breathing air! For more information, go to It is available at Amazon and other retailers. Also, check out his promotion video If that doesn't get you jacked had better feel for a pulse!

More on how I benefited from speaking to this group in an upcoming post. Here I was the "subject matter expert" yet I left that event having learned a valuable lesson and even more inspired to help people who are committed to their success.